Hi, my name is Marisa Conners, and I am a visionary, creative, talented, and ambitious self-taught fashionista, designer, and entrepreneur. I am a creator of Marisa Conners Graphics which aims to bring your ideas to life through graphic design work and display my uniquely innovative graphics  I have Cerebral Palsy which affects the limbs in my body and leaves me unable to speak on my own. I communicate with you using my iPad. I have always been advocating for people with disabilities for most of my life. 
As a freelance graphic designer and artist, I create my unique work of graphic design and art. I have a natural talent for creating graphics digitally so that makes it another passion of mine. My love of graphic design and art is bringing my visual story and narrative to inspire many creative people, including those who are struggling with disabilities. 
As an accomplished graphic designer, I can create anything that you want for your business, event, or something else. I specialize in logo/branding design, flyer design, invitation design, and business card design. 
In addition to my specialties in graphic design,  I would be willing to work with you on other projects. I am also an expert in color palettes. I certainly use my natural visual talent to create custom color palettes that can look more detailed and quality in the process. Creating advanced graphic design projects can maintain my mastery and build my confidence. 
Graphic design is key to conveying ideas and creative problem-solving skills through visual communication with clients. All I want is to impress intelligent, resilient, and creative clients including those with disabilities who understand the importance of my design process and efficient communication with adapting my specialized skill set. I want those people to make me feel comfortable and confident working with them. 
In addition to my graphic design work, I can create unique graphic art. I specialize in photo collage art, illustration, typographic/lettering art, photographic art, and vector art.  The specific topics that describe my graphic artworks are fashion, disability, Disney, flowers, abstract, celebrity, entertainment, people, nature, lifestyle, and travel.
Graphic art is key to showing my artistic expressions, talents, and passions to the audience.
I believe in my unique abilities and I encourage you to learn to focus on your ability, not your disability. I refuse to let my disability define me because I am never going to give up following my dreams.
I’m striving to inspire others to achieve their dreams and goals even if they have physical challenges.
Dreams Do Come True!